Live long-die Short

In our Wellness Mastermind groups, we help busy people to invest in their health, performance, and longevity

How our groups help busy people become a better version of themselves?

Through small concrete sequential actions in five main (fundamental) areas:

  • Breathing,
  • Sleeping,
  • Eating,
  • Movements,
  • Awareness

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How we make those wellness groups?

To automate and turn into habits behaviors guaranteeing us daily positive changes (investments) in health, performance and longevity.

Advisor, investor, board member

Doychin’s MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) is Increasing Abundance in Wellness, Longevity and Human Performance.

He owns and manages two companies that are both instrumental to his MTP.

Want2goFit LLC is established in the USA and is known as “The wellness concierge practice (wellness coaching) for executives and VIPs”.

Perfomize LTD is Doychin’s newest endeavor to bring proactive, data-driven performance coaching to Bulgaria. 

It is a location-independent company that utilizes modern science and the latest technology for optimal physical performance, recovery, and longevity.