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Book: 401 Fitness

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How to save fitness for your retirement?

When you think of your retirement do you see yourself spending your days on the golf course, sailing with friends, gardening, or traveling the world with loved ones? Sure, you may be able to afford to do all of these things financially because you’ve been saving up since you started working, but will your body be able to afford it? We spend countless hours going over our financial plans and pay thousands of dollars on financial advisers to make sure we are set for retirement, but when was the last time you stopped to think about how you will feel and what you will be able to do when you retire? 401 Fitness is a book designed to help you create an investment plan for your physical well being by teaching you the minimum number of exercises you need to do every day in order to ensure that when your retirement finally comes around you can enjoy the life you’ve saved so long to achieve.

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